Hall Hire Information

IMPORTANT NOTES: Please read the following information carefully, before booking the church hall

  • The St Nicholas Church Hall will fit up to 130 guests.
  • The purpose of this hall is not to raise money, but simply available for community members to use and this requires time and resources to keep clean, and up to date.
  • We love to help the community and we hope the community will work with us to maintain a great environment
  • We are always open to suggestions and don't always see what you see, so please contact us if you need help or click here for Bookings/Availability.
  • Birthday's and other large events are usually not allowed for the following reasons:
    • As you can appreciate, being a church, Saturday's and Sunday's prayer services can be booked in the church at short notice.
    • We try to respect our neighbours needs regarding music, parking, traffic etc which are difficult to control at large events
    • We are on sanctified land and as such, we encourage all hirers to gather for the glory of God
  • We use this hall for prayer, Sunday school, meetings, fellowships and other great things.
    • For this reason, clean-up & rubbish removal is very important and needs to be pre-organised with the hall committee so there are no surprises for both hirer and the extended community
    • Not all of us hire halls very often so it is worth your knowledge that caterers offer varying services and clean-up/rubbish removal is not usually included.



Other Events

  • Each night for $150 (up to 9pm)
  • 3 nights for $400 (up to 9pm)
  • No additional cost if the hall is required for Meal of Mercy (Li2mit al Ra7me) after a Burial Service
  • No Bond required though responsibility for damages needs to be taken
  • $60 per hour 
  • Minimum 3 hours 
  • 1 hour set-up & 1 hour pack-up included
  • $300 bond (refundable upon inspection)
  • Hall is not available for birthday's, villages and non-sacramental parties without approval of the parish clergy and committee.

Additional Services Available

Please read carefully as any changes will affect your bond refund

  • Furniture Set-up/Pack-up
    • $120 for set-up OR pack-up 
    • $200 for both set-up AND pack-up
      • You can have somebody to assist you set-up the chairs/tables or both prior to your hire and/or after. This does not include cleaning but will include removing of rubbish as long as they are bagged and ready.
  • Professional Cleaner
    • $150 for a professional clean
      • A cleaner will arrive and assist in sweeping, mopping, sanitising all surfaces, replenishing toilet and kitchen supplies etc.
      • A hirer is expected to return the hall in the same or better condition as it is used by the wider community including Sunday school children, the elderly and the general community
      • A cleaner does not include pack-up of chairs or tables
  • Beverage Preparation and Serving
    • $150 per night required
      • Useful for condolences if you wish for the Ladies Auxiliary Group to assist in preparing coffee/beverages and serving it to your guest.
  • Excess Rubbish Removal
    • $60 - $120 for additional capacity for rubbish disposal 
      • If you expect to fill more than one wheelie bin, we will need to make prior arrangements for you, with at least 2 weeks notice
      • The cost will vary on your requirements
  • Projector & Sound System
    • Up to $200 for projector, Blu-ray, sound system hire
      • Brand new system available for use.
      • By pre-arrangement only.
      • Requires a parish-qualified technician on hand to operate this.
      • Not to be used for loud music or external amplifiers.